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Patricia Kalondu Muia

Patricia Kalondu Muia


Patricia is actively engaged in East Africa’s sustainable advancement, and acts as a crucial conduit between the community and relevant stakeholders, encouraging candid discussions on critical issues and experiences, establishing mentoring and sponsorship initiatives, and networks, with the aim of identifying opportunities in hospitality development.

She aims to position her environment as a global partner in matters pertaining to hospitality investment, infrastructure, and incentive travel.

Aisha Bakhressa

Aisha Bakhressa


Aisha has over 10 years’ experience in accounting and administration and has proven expertise in successfully managing business portfolios while providing critical financial analysis and forecasts. Her career path has led her to work with various clients and firms in a wide range of industries. Currently, she’s a student at the Association of Chartered Certified Accounts (ACCA).

When she’s not working on her career or crunching numbers, she enjoys engaging in travel, a good read, swimming, and spending time barefoot at the beach.

Kenya Conference Solutions

Joseph Ochieng


Joseph is a content creator, partial designer, tech enthusiast and an upcoming social entrepreneur, who takes special interest in problem solving and thought provoking discussions. He was born and bred in the outskirts of Nairobi but is currently based in the coastal city of Kilifi. He is a strategist and a creative thinker. He aims to passion his environment as a global entrepreneur focusing on emerging trends in human resources management.

His passions lie on events and people management. He also enjoys art, travel, bookkeeping, auditing, and analysis of financial information, and exploring new challenging areas whenever he can.

Timoty Muiya

Timothy Muia


Timothy Muia is an entrepreneur and a design enthusiast who founded Thurd Technologies, a design studio in 2015. He was born and bred in the outskirts of Nairobi and is currently based in the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya. He holds an undergraduate degree in Business Information Technology from Mount Kenya University.

Timothy has worked as a creative designer for 5 years at XRX technologies, a franchise of Xerox Corporation, is a Sinapis alumnus, a member of the creative team at International Christian Center Mombasa, and is currently the creative director at Kenya Conference Solutions. He’s an industry expert in project management, having successfully managed several projects from concept formulation to execution.

On his downtime, he enjoys a good workout session, reading books or listening to audio books, watching a good movie, and, most of all, spending time with family.

Wanagri Mwangi

Mary Wangari


Mary has a passion for people, understanding and catering to people’s needs by carefully anticipating guests’ physiological and safety needs through strategic planning, effective budgeting and communication, and collaboration with partner organisations and clients. Ensuring that guests are comfortable enough to express emotions by maintaining personal attention throughout the event by  creating a sense of belonging by making everyone feel like they’re part of a special group at a very special event.

Nelly Mbotela


Nelly is a writer and florist. She has a background in supply management and logistics, having headed the division at a private manufacturing company for 4 years, where she gained extensive experience in strategic planning, logistics, and interaction on a global scale.

Although born and raised in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, she traded the hustle and bustle of the city life for the serene, quaint Kenyan Coast.

A problem solver by heart, one of her greatest passions lies in customer service-providing exceptional customer satisfaction with every interaction-an attitude she brings into her florist and writing business.

When she’s not writing or making beautiful floral arrangements, you can find her by the beach or by the pool with her trusty mutt. She also enjoys conducting research on various topics, listening to podcasts, watching movies and documentaries, and a good read.

TeamKCS COVID-19 Support Update

As concerns around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) grow globally, the health and safety of our staff and community are the top priority for us.

We have moved to a 100% remote working set up across Kenya Conference Solutions until further notice.  In as much as Covid-19 has come along with a negative impact on the global growing economy, hopefully, there will be no impact on our products, services. It is business as usual and our full team is here to help you.

For urgent issues , you can email our team at and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the methods below:


Phone: +254 722 855 697 OR +254 701 554 996

For more detailed information about the COVID-19 disease - please contact your local authority or seek professional help and advice.  




Warm Regards

Managing Director,

Patricia Muia .



Local Covid Advice
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