As a hospitality leader, we’re always looking for
investors and associates partners to help us deliver
on our vision.
Our approach is focused on transformative
projects/initiatives with the potential to generate
significant socio-economic impact in the region.
We provide industry insight, strategic counsel and
creative direction to investors and developers by
driving profitability, reducing risk, and thereby
creating value for their assets.
Over the years, we have accumulated a vast global
network and created strong links with potential
investors placing us in an ideal position to achieve
desired results. Kenya Conference Solutions
gives practical, transparent and professional
information to investors in respect of the full range
of opportunities available, including hotels and
infrastructure related projects and large scale
hospitality developments.
As an investment hub for local, regional and global communities, we work closely and openly with our
stakeholders, investors, asset managers and partners to align the vision and strategy for each project,
tirelessly working to improve communication and enhance transparency between investors and small
and medium enterprises (SMEs).